Utility Guard ®

Utility Guard ®

Product Description

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The Utility Guard® glove clip features the same safety features and robust design as the Glove Guard® clip but uses a belt clip instead of a small clamp to attach to the user. To use, simply slip the belt clip over your belt, waistband or pocket and attach your gloves, towel or earmuffs to the large clamp.
Code Colour
UG1 ASS Assorted Colours
UG1 GT Granite
UG1 RD Red
UG1 BL Blue
UG1 BK Black
UG1 GR Green
UG1 PR Purple
UG1 HV OR Hi Vis Orange
UG1 HV YW Hi Vis Yellow
UG1 HV LM Hi Vis Lime
UG1 HV PK Hi Vis Pink
Utility Guards with display box
UGBX ASS Box of 25 Assorted Utility Guards
Printed with Safety Slogans
UG1P-ASS UG1Ass printed with Safety Slogans

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